24 Jul 2019 
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 About Intra Communication Solution
Solution Dear Honored Customer,

Thank you for being OnlineNIC’s partner and friend for years, your needs are always what we focus on. OnlineNIC is launching Intra Communication Solution, and this is an sincere invitation for you.

 How is Intra Communication Solution different?

 Up to 35 GB /box & 50MB x 6 attachments / email!
 Intra Communicator with Mail On-The-Fly™ Technology makes email handling ease and fast like instant messages!;
 4 levels of intelligent self-learning spam/virus protection;
 Unique Self-destruction mail makes your confidential information safe as special agent’s classified file, isn’t this cool?!
 Domain-lever privilege control & email tracking feature, you can easily manage user privileges and well prevent company info. from leaking;
 Web-based administration console, manage your company private domain emails through an intuitive interface and customize the email website with your own Banner / Logo.
 More…

With so many outstanding features, the product only costs 1/5 comparing with many other similar ones.
 What are the key benefits for partner businesses?

Program I: 180 Days free gift Package for you!
During the launch campaign, OnlineNIC will provide [ *Tier1 compact package ] gift of 180 days free! You can take it by yourself or recommend to your customers for goodwill & promotion!
Program II: First come, first win!
Be of the 1st 50 of Intra communication solution resellers (need to be authorized by OnlineNIC),you will win:
. A full featured package [*Tier3 Package] for 1 year FREE!
. Resellership of Class C, that means you can get 60% discount of the product!
Come and take the gift!

Contact Sales : sales@onlinenic.com
Know More: http://www.onlinenic.com/communication_overview/
View Demo: https://www.onlinenic.com/communication_overview/images/demo/main.swf

 Case Scenario
Reseller Scenario:   
A reseller who has about 10000 domain names under management, conservatively assume 10% of the domain owners need to setup business group mail with the domain names (assume 10 boxes/domain), then yearly revenue for a D Class reseller will be : $25.99x70%x10x10000x10%= $181,930!

End User Scenario: 
For a company, an employee needs to handle 120 mails/day. With Intra Communicator, 30 sec/mail will be saved for average (much less steps than generic email),then daily time saving: 30x120/3600=1
Hour. That means 1/8 employee working time is saved! (based on 8 office hours per day). In another phrase: 12.5% manpower cost is saved! It is constructive for every company.

We never stop making Intra Communication Solution even more excellent, so we might ask for your comments and suggestions periodically. We hope you'll like Intra Communication Solution.
Again, your needs are always we focus on!

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